Traditional mole catching in Coventry & Warwickshire

We offer a professional and efficient mole clearance service using environmentally friendly methods only (no chemicals or poisons).

As commercial contract gardeners since 1975 we often encountered garden mole activity and over the years have seen this activity increase dramatically.

In order to minimise disruption and damage to our customers lawns we have been successfully trapping these problem moles for many years.

Therefore we have decided to use our expertise to offer a mole catching service to anyone with a specific mole problem and are proud to be members of the British Mole Catchers' Register and the Association of Professional Mole Catchers.

No Mole No Fee

We are not a pest control company as we only deal with the clearance of problem moles.

“As we specialise in mole control only, we work on a no mole no fee basis”

We provide our services in the following areas:
     •   Coventry
     •   Meriden
     •   Balsall Common
     •   Hampton in Arden
     •   Solihull
     •   Kenilworth
     •   Leamington
     •   Corley
     •   Fillongley
     •   Rugby
     •   Coleshill
     •   Warwick

About Moles

A brief insight about moles.

Moles live in a complicated tunnel system underground. They are mainly solitary animals and are very territorial, but they do from time to time come across one another at mating time and also when looking for new territories.

Their territories very often cross each other’s paths, and so do use each other’s boundary tunnels.

The female has one litter a year, of between 2-7 but usually 3-4 and breeding takes place around February to June, the young are fully mature at 5 weeks and live on average between 2-5 years.

Mole hills can appear very quickly and can soon get out of control, if left they can seriously damage lawns and undermine plant roots.

Moles can and do swim and are very often found living very close to rivers and other water sources.

Moles do not hibernate and continue their usual work and sleep activities throughout the year.

Moles require up to two thirds their own body weight in food every day and have a very high metabolism, meaning lots of digging for food.

The main food is the earthworm but they will feed off most insects.

Moles work on a sleeping/working pattern of approx 4 hours. If there is a plentiful supply of food, moles will bite the head of worms and store them up for consumption later.

Help and advice available simply call or email Midland Mole Control.


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